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I have a question concerning Poser. I had a lot of additional content installed individually (not the content that comes with the product), and I had to reinstall Poser a couple of weeks ago. After that, all the additional content is gone in Poser (only the default one is there). It is on the hard drive, but it doesn't show up in Poser any more... :(
Is there a way to make it show up again without reinstalling every single item?

Thank you!!!


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    First of all, where did you installed the content and where the program or the default Poser Runtime?

    If it's all in the same place and you already have tried to refresh the Runtime, I can't say what's happened.
    If it's in another place (external runtime) you can add it clicking on the "+" folder icon in the upper left corner of your library, browse and add the path.

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    Thank you!! I have sorted it out!
    I had actually installed the content in the default Poser Runtime. I had tried to refresh the Runtime and also to add single folders, but it didn't work (I just found out this is wrong anyway, because you have to do it from the parent directory, you cannot add single items/folders).
    I then moved my content to another folder (the downloads/runtime one, I added my content to its single subfolders, so they are in the right place), and I tried to add "that" runtime in Poser, and it worked! :)

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    I'm glad you have sorted it out. :-)

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