can't apply clothes to genesis, nor skin to dragon

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I'm, going through tutorials on the daz youtube channel, but I'm having this
problem. If I try to apply clothing to genesis, from the "smart content,"
I get this message:

error opening file
an error occurred while reading the file, see the log file for more details.

Where can I find this log file?

If I try this with putting some clothes (which I installed
myself in my own external runtime) on V4, it works just fine.

Does anybody know what's goin on?
I do have the content management program installed.




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    Under help at the top of the screen there's a "View Log File".
    Click that then copy or save it to somewhere that you can find it easily.
    I have a simular problem with the smart content, so I just use the files from the "regular" directories.
    I.E. pose/materials.
    Other than that it's fun na?


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    hi wizzard,

    thanks for your reply.

    I looked at the log now, and it actually doesn't tell me much, only that MAT SubDragon SAMPLE.ds
    Failed to load script file.

    For putting clothes on genesis, I got:

    0(29) : warning C7050: "rgb" might be used before being initialized
    Shader Program successfully linked.

    Loading Startup Scene : C:/Users/tyler zambori/Documents/DAZ 3D/Studio/My Library/People/Genesis/Genesis.duf
    *** Scene Cleared ***
    File loaded in 0 min 1.3 sec.
    Loaded file: Genesis.duf
    Error reading file, see log for more details.

    What to make of this?

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    Well to begin... you do have a C:\.......etc. directory?
    As for a .duf? not one i'm familiar with...
    I'll be quite honest, I've had Studio Pro4 for only a brief time.
    Considering how long it's taking me to learn 3DSMax4... (yes 4) (that long)
    I was impressed with how easy studio was.
    try this.
    Start up studio, go through the preferances and select "blank" or ,"Empty" scene for a starter.
    I remember Poser 4 started with a default guy which had to be removed before I could do anything.
    and if the scene developed that I needed the casual P4 male... the head would dissapear leaving only the eyes.
    Fun na?
    then shut down studio... let it sit a while, some operating systems keep it running in the background doing lord knows what.
    restart, when you get the empty scene, try loading one of the tutorial presets.
    The dragon fighter is a good one.
    now you do have to Page down through the log to the bottom to get to the most recent errors.
    {looks around for one of the experts}

    Genesis and clothing, most times, as long as the figure is selected the clothes will load, conform and be ready for posing.
    If you don't have the figure selected, or a prop instead, then the clothes will load onto nothing, you have to go into the Pose room
    under misc. select the gen figure you want.

    Yet another attempt to clarify whilst being totally confusing.


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    What is the exact name of the file (including extension) you are trying to apply to Genesis?

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    thanx Mike.
    8 )

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    Does that mean you figured it out?

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    No I needed an expert to answer the question.
    I haven't heard of a *.duf for studio.
    dsf, dsb, yes but not the duf.

    heh heh, I"m still trying to figure out how to export a pp2 file. 8 )


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    .duf is the new format for DS4.5 to replace .daz scene files.

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    Thanks everyone, but I just uninstalled it, re-installed ds 4.0 pro, and now it works.

    Go figure, urgh.

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    So for those of us who cannot install a previous version any idea what we can do?

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    Map the content folders properly and load the clothing Mesh item before you try to apply a texture file.
    In much of the content the Texture file looks exactly the same as the item. The Item itself needs loaded. The Texture should Auto load in DS. The Texture Icons are for...
    One: If you change the item with a shader, you can use the Mat (texture) to put it back to normal.
    Two: If extra textures are made for the item you can pick which set you wish to use.

    Below is a Default DAZ Studio Path set up for both default Content folders, DAZ Studio and DIM...
    And a example of a clothing Item and its Textures, as you see they look alike but only the Clothing loads the item.

    434 x 800 - 144K
    435 x 793 - 154K
    429 x 467 - 62K
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