Animations must begin from 0 ?

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Evening everyone
I am pushing through with my project, but like all complex software it's one step forward two steps back.
Seems I have run into a issue with the time line. My animation is a simple discussion of magnetisim.
so it starts with two magnets. At 10 sec's one disappears and I want some nails to fall on the table, then jump to the magnet.
What I find is even thought I add the nails to the project and delete prior keyframes, it really wants me to set , shaders, scale etc from 0 on the time line. Not only that, Carrara really doesn't seem to want to calculate physics from the middle of a sequence. So it seems to keep from driving myself nus all sequences must start at 0. I want to be able to extend the sequence then do a dissolve in video. This would be a fast way of some elements disappearing. Now it seems unfortunate that I need to place elements at the beginning of the scene where they are not in the shot to keep Carrara happy. So 3 questions.
1) am I right that I need to set shaders, scale etc at the 0 beginning of a sequence or or drag copy a keyframe to 0.
2) If I want to use Physics to drop something That as well needs to occur from 0?
3) If so is there an elegant way to chop out the first 10 seconds of a sequence so keyframes that are at 10 sec can be at 0,
4) I asked this question yesterday, but I realized something that may change the response. When I drop the nails they fall through the table
rather then bounce regardless of materials set for the nails and plane. BUT I tested this a few months ago and it worked fine, the nails bounced every time. Is there something simple I may have forgot.
Thank you for reading! I'm not complaining this is amazing software! ( Carrara 6 Pro )


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    You can render from whatever frame TO whatever frame you choose. *from memory* in the render room there is a tab where you choose still or movie..., that same tab has options for start frame and frames per second... You *may* have to render to an image sequence....

    The physics are pre calculated so they aren't effected by these settings...

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    Hi 8068.

    Carrara 6 Pro 'Standard' physics may have some issues with the collision distance depending on scene. Make sure nothing is touching the physics objects at the start(leave a small gap between objects and use a medium scene magnitude). Physics sims only start at frame 0, but you can uncheck 'Use Default Gravity' in the Edit Scene Effects->Physics tab, then add a directional force for gravity(etc.).

    Forces can be keyframed ON/OFF in an animation to simulate starting a sim. You can also convert a physics simulation back to keyframes and move them later in the animation(or convert those keyframes to NLA clips). Im not sure about the shader question, but shaders shouldn't be affected by physics.

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    Hi 8068 :)

    This is a common issue in any animation work-flow, using any software,.. people imagine the animation in their heads, like a "final production" and then try to animate it that way,

    Without including the "Editing process", to combine different clips of animation into a "final production" sequence.

    If you think about making the intro (establishing shot),... then make the next section (the physics) falling objects
    then the next section,... etc...

    You'll end up with a set of Sequenced images, or animations, which can be compiled / edited, and post produced, to add additional effects, or sound.

    It's an easier way to work (especially with physics objects), where (right now) there's no way to trigger a physics simulation to begin or end at specific points in time.

    So, breaking up the "complete animation" concept in your head,.. into manageable chunks. is what's needed.

    Hope it helps :)

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    OK, Just read the Carrara 6 Pro bit,.. Missed that.. my bad...

    Carrara 6 pro, uses the older "carrara" physics, which, could be unpredictable and produce unrealistic simulations,...
    that's the main reason that "Bullet Physics" was introduced into C8.

    To try to fix the objects (falling through the floor plane) issue,.. try this.

    Turn OFF the default Scene gravity.
    ADD a new Direction force to your scene, and set it to something like 3.ft per sec

    Doing this allows you to "Fake" a gravity force,. and because the strength of directional forces can be animated, you can create a couple of keyframes to reduce the gravity (direction force) so that (when the nails land on the surface,.. there's very little force pulling/pushing the nails through the floor.

    Hope it helps :)

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    Holly, 3Dage
    Thank you so much. I'm really not sure I would be able to get through this without your help.
    So yup lesson learned. In my mind I should try to start sequences at 0 for my sanity, but I do like
    the idea of running the physics at zero, converting to keyframes, then dragging the keyframes out.
    Thanks again! I'll try all these options.

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