Help animating figures in DAZ Studio 4.

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Could someone point me to some tutorials? I´d like to make animation and want to get my figures walking and running. The figures I have is Genesis and the gen 4 and 3 figures so any animation tutorial on these would be greatly appreciated.


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    Carnite has made some tutorials:

    Casual also has lots and lots of scripts to help in making animations, this one helps in pinning feet to the ground, but there are links to all others on the sidebar:

    There was also a plug-in for DS3 called Geppetto, but it's hard to update to DS4.

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    Hi. Thank you for those links and sorry for the late answer. I´ll have a look at trying to makie Genesis walk som stairs tomaorrow.

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    I found a way of getting some fun natural movement. This has to be done with the timeline though, wont work with puppeteer. Make sure you have a camera. Point the eyes of your character at the camera (Parameters Tab - General - Misc). Then create a Null directly above your characters head, point the head at the Null and then Parent the Null to the camera (Scene Tab). For the Pelvis, the Null should be below the waste, for the hands, in the general direction the fingers point. Then pin some IK points, change your view to the camera, and watch the magic happen as you move around. To record it, just move the slider on the Timeline and add Key Frames.

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    Ok. Might work if i knew what a null is! LOL

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