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Animate2 .exes?

nightwolf1982nightwolf1982 Posts: 882
edited December 1969 in The Commons

Just bought Animate2, which apparently comes with a pair of .exe files. Problem is, they won't install. I tried the default: my documents/daz 3d/studio/my library; then the main program directory: program files/daz 3d/dazstudio4.

both locations threw an error saying "the installation path for dazstudio could not be found"

I assume they're content files, since the plugin is already present with DS4.

Are they looking for DS3?


  • T JaimanT Jaiman Posts: 540
    edited September 2012

    Are they looking for DS3?

    Hmm, yeah, that would make sense.

    Those should be the DS3 installers, unless you got them in a bundle. Mine were DS3_aniMate2_2.0.0.6_Win32.exe, DS3_aniMate2_2.0.0.6_Win64.exe. Your versions might be newer.

    You have to give the DS4 plugin your Animate 2 registration key that you just bought.

    Help->About Installed Plugins might let you put in the key, but I think I had to use the dialog at startup.

    If you don't have the plugin registration dialog, when you start DS4, then go to Edit->Preferences->Startup tab->Show Plug-in Registration dialog.

    On this new site, your registration keys are at:

    (You probably know that, but someone else, reading this, might not).

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  • nightwolf1982nightwolf1982 Posts: 882
    edited December 1969

    Yeah, I've registered Animate2 in DS4, no problem, I was just wondering about the exe's I downloaded. They were the same version as yours, so I'm guessing they're DS3.

  • RachelS694RachelS694 Posts: 2
    edited December 1969

    I purchased Animate2 but I dont get a dialog for the serial number. Please help. (The registration box comes up, but is only asking for decimator serial)

  • T JaimanT Jaiman Posts: 540
    edited September 2012

    If you go to "Help", and, "About Installed Plugins", can you put the serial-number into the space after the name?

    I can't remember which way I had to do the registration, it has carried over to each newer version of 4.

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