How do I pose my character in a bryce scene?

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I have a character in DS4.5 and know how to transfer it to Bryce7, but the pose is not exactly as I want it.
Isn't there a way to have the Bryce scene and the character object in one place so I can edit the characters pose within that scene?

How can I make a scene and characters that can be moved around like with the Chasm scenery props that come with DS.




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    afaik one of the main reason for the bridge being two way is so that if your figure pose needs tweaking you can send it back to DS and tweak it there, then bring it back into Bryce again.

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    Therein lies the problem I wrote about elsewhere - Out Of Memory.
    My PC is maxed out for WindowsXP 32 bit and I cannot afford to buy a Windows7 PC just at the moment

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    Know that feeling. It's taken me some time to save up the money for the one I am having built now.

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    The problem of OUT OF MEMORY mostly lies in Bryce. Bryce is only 32-bit and can only use 2 gigs of memory. And some of those 2 gigs Bryce needs just to run. Rashad Carter has a work-around for exporting whole scenes from Studio to bryce. I´d suggest using the bridge only to import in to Studio the things you want to have your character(s) posed with or on and the using the the work-around to export the whole scene to Bryce. Hope I made myself understood here. lol

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    There are a few tricks that might let you get around the memory problem. For example, start a clean copy of Bryce before transferring your figure from DAZ Studio; that will free up any memory that otherwise would have been consumed by stuff leftover in your Undo stack. Don't transfer anything unnecessary; for example, maybe your figure has parts hidden under clothing or out of sight in the back of your scene that can be deleted. If your figure isn't going to be taking up most of the scene, you might be able to reduce the size of it's textures prior to transferring them to Bryce.

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