Poser pro 2010 not behaving well with external runtime on OSX Lion

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Hi folks

I've sent already a support mail to the folks at SM, so in the meantime that they figure out what is going on, I hope to get some info and help from other users.

I have a 2010 version of Poser Pro; running on OSX Lion.

The standard runtime works fine; but if I try to load an external runtime on another volume, It shows up empty.

Another strange thing is that poser (or one of it's daemons/services), creates a duplicate of the Libraries folder in my external runtime (sometimes it is called exactly in the same way, some other times the capital L is replaced by lowercase l).

I am not able to get why is this happening and how to resolve the issue...if I delete one of the 2 duplicate, they both become empty, and all the files disappear btw both folders contains the same exact file and has the same size; they only differ for the first letter and for the date created, which for one is basically the date and time of when I try to add the runtime folder to poser).

I have used it quite long time ago, and I started again using it recently, so I am not sure since when this has been broken (last time that I used it was before Snow Leopard I think, so was either Leopard OS or the one before).

The external runtime are created trough the DAZ installers on windows (I have bootcamp so I run both on my mac); they create the whole dir structure so I didn't do any change from what the installer creates.

Does anyone has poser for mac and uses external runtimes on Lion? (either pro 2010 or poser 9, they both behave in the same way...I have no poser for pc so can't compare)


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    Found the issue.

    You may want to take note: any version of Poser on OSX will have issue if the runtime is on a FAT volume.

    Not sure if the issue is the FAT FS itself(16 characters limitation?), or how OSX handles FAT, or how Poser handle FAT....if you have the runtime on another volume (regular OSX FS volume), the issue does not reproduce anymore.

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