Is metadata quality assurance being neglected on new products (again)?

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    Yes I'm afraid I'm seeing this too.

    Following from previous discussions you and I have had, I've started the consistency dialog within the community. I'm not sure how long we will wait for DAZ to release these guidelines. They talked to me in Feb then everything went quiet, and I saw a post the other day saying they're working on it.

    I know people have talked about automating metadata creation - but that looks to be quite complex. However, a script to check metadata consistency shouldn't be too hard to write. Maybe we can automate the metadata QA team's job :-D

    Perhaps we could start writing a list of rules to check. The actual scripting part shouldn't be too hard.

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    I perfectly understand your frastration,:)

    because I corrected meta-data, and send erroer report,
    they leave so long time, then just said "the problem removed"
    so I install again, but they remain another parts meta-data problem.

    so I shouted in common forum before. about daz attitude of shop

    I think many guys do not have interesting about how meta-data working.
    because some guys say "I do not use smart content"
    or someguys say "I stop CMS"
    but it is almost because DAZ do not provide meta-data correctly with their products
    many case. and they do not guide user.

    I have no anger now. I decide just leave it off. sometimes send bug-report,
    but no interesting how daz change or not.

    DAZ will understand how they treat the problem.

    becaues if I am perfect new comer and frist buy daz shop, then watch daz video
    or daz manual,, then check item,
    if there is erroer, I do not believe daz products anymore.
    meta-data is for categorize and serch products more easy,
    but they made many mistake,,

    I dare say daz is spoiled by long good friendly user of daz.
    they do not be angry. "ah,, it is daz,, " it is almost joke.
    so I learned the attitude , just leave it off!! they will maybe correct
    or they forget to correct and make new ds rc ver,
    I believe there is no old probloem new rc ver, but there must be
    new problems,,,

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    Thank you for your interest in metadata. We realize that MD has been less than stellar and are working hard on updating and creating consistency. If you have newly released products that are missing metadata, please first check the "Runtime"Support" folder to see if it is missing. Try re importing that product's MD, and if there is an issue, please bug report it. That is the only way we know it needs a fix, as we do not usually spend time in the forums. I am currently trying to watch for MD posts right now so we can let people know what is changing. Also keep in mind, some products have been done for a couple months and have just been waiting for release. These "may" not have gotten updated, but we are trying to catch everything. Again, bug report or we don't know.

    I have already had a meeting with a few people, and have another scheduled today, which includes cridgit. We are doing our best to get everyone on board and let everyone know what is happening and what the changes are.

    A huge issue is lack of standard, and until we had one, things were fluid. We have tested what we have now, and while it will not fit everyone's ideal, it is what we've set based on user input in our test groups. People still have options to do their own or customize. DS 4.5 has the ability to save out the User's custom MD and override the product's shipped MD.

    Thank you for your patience and support.


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    Kat,, I understand it needs many time to correct and check every meta-data
    according to ds version up, and change something, but I can not say OK because
    DAZ never tell us clearly when they version up the products and remove bug about products.

    DAZ even not tell before what is the problem about the products and need re-install.

    I acutually say, daz describe read-me can not fully rely on.
    because I knew there was sometimes mistake about file location, or file name.

    daz only reply to men who send bug report.
    but it must need if t correct the bug, announce it officially to every user.

    and there is many meta-data erroer not only ID bug.
    the mistake is almost about basic.

    if daz check products before selling, never happen such erroer.
    there is meta-data erroer, so can not serch somel files with compatibility by smart contents,

    you say, you need install new version again,but it is like throw dise.

    we can not understand clearly which when and what daz correct it or not.

    and the ID erroer was famous in forum, then some volunter person made script,
    then other user must need to correct the erroer is unusuall for me after ds 4,5 released as product ver.

    DAZ needed to announce it when release ds 4.5

    daz products is not free at all, so daz can not so much rely on volunteer.

    daz is company, and sell products. seems luck of a sense about responsibility.

    did you count how many products have meta-data problems?

    daz bug tracker seeems quickly delete the report after they know and remove bug.
    as if they want to hide there was erroer or bug.

    why daz did not announce after they correct and remove the problem?
    it is better, then delete the report.

    because if every day check mantis bug racker , we can not clearly grab, when the products version up,
    or which products have problem.

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    I totally understand your concerns and agree. We are working on solutions to be able to notify of updates and make sure the Readme's are online and have the update specifications. We have made progress on getting the back end set up for this, but it is taking a little time to catch up on the front side. :) We have a large catalog of products and are working diligently to get things in place so this will be much easier for our customers.

    Thank you,

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