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FAQ for the new DAZ 3D Forums:
Posted: 17 May 2012 01:03 AM  
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• Terms Of Service –
- The Terms of Service or (TOS) has been modified and updated. Please review the new TOS before entering the new Forum site.

• What will happen to the old DAZ 3D Forum when the new one is put in place?
- The Old DAZ 3D Forum will be accessible for read only now that the new forum is in place. You will still be able to see all the forum posts from the old forum.  Use this address to see the old forums:

• The images show up differently in the forum posts, why?
- Images added to a post will now show up at the bottom of the post.

• What are the size limits for posting images in the new forum?
- Size of images posted in the forums will be limited to 2000 X 2000

• I only see links to videos in the forums, why is that?
- Videos will be seen in the forums as links not embedded videos.

• The notification link of a post I’m following doesn’t go directly to the new post.
- The notification of a new post to a topic you are following will link you to the first post. This is a limitation of the forum software. You will need to navigate to the last post of the topic to see the new comment.

• What is different in the forum search tools?
- The search capabilities are limited at this time. We currently don’t have the full search ability as the old forum.

• How do I change my profile and settings?
- To edit your profile, login to the forum, and select in the top right corner of the page “Your Control Panel”, This will give you access to your personalized settings. You can also change your username and password settings here.
- “Your Public Profile” is the information the public will be able to see when you post in the forums.
- The avatar upload is not working at this time.

• What are the restrictions of images I can post in the forums?
- There are currently no content flags to mark images for “nudity”, “Violence” or “Controversial.”  Please don’t post images of this nature in the forum at this time.

• Why does the forum keep logging me out?
- If you have not used the Forum page for 20 minutes, the page will time out and you will need to log-in to the page again.

Why can’t I see the Platinum Club Pricing, when I’m a Platinum Club Member?
- As a first step to this problem we would ask that you clear your cache (right mouse button on a PC > Refresh) or (f5). If you are still seeing the problem Clear the Cookies from the browser that you are using. If the problem persists contact technical support.

We will be adding features to the forums in the coming weeks. Please be mindful of the TOS as you participate in the DAZ 3D Forums.