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acting,music,drawing,modding and building computers
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February 27, 2015  06:00 AM
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August 31, 2014  09:51 PM
June 16, 1962

Hmm lets see…I’m a professionally trained actor .Studied Meisner with Kathryn Gately @Gately Poole studios in N.Y.C. played the ole of sales person at music store for 11 yrs and am currently unemployed.I’m a compute hardware nut.I’ve built a few systems and do a lot of case and hardware mods for friends who are gamers.I’m actually considering building systems and doing Mods professionally as a part time kind of thing.Didn’t have time to do it when I was working full time but i have a lot more time on my hands now and have gotten a few calls from friends of friends asking if I build systems for graphic artists…which I absolutely can do.I love helping people with hardware issues and often can be found on the help forum at Toms Hardware ,com where I hang out and help people touble shoot their rigs,give advice on upgrades and builds etc..If I had to describe myself I’d say I’m a frustrated artist without a medium..Actor,Artist,electronic musician,computer technician i know a lot about vey little and a little about lots of things.I am a wealth of useless information .                      Oh yes did I mention I’m also into C.G? I’ve only recently discovered the whole world of creating digital art so yes I’m a newbie.I like to draw and I’m pretty good at it and started to mess around in photoshop which i really dig…a friend of mine suggested I check out a 3d program like maya or 3dsmax and then i discovered hoe expensive they were and one night while noodling around online I discovered this place so here i am for better or for worse.Hope i get to know some of you.If any one is looking to buy a custom built computer for their graphic endevors or are looking to upgrade and need advice or if you’re looking to mod out your current rig…or know someone who is..please let me know…I’m sure I’m going to need lots of help.Especially from very pretty women ...rockon…..RayKat