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July 10, 2013  02:23 AM
July 8, 1972

I have been a gamer most of my life; as much as my parents would allow me to play video games growing up and as soon as we got our first computer, I started playing Ultima Online & have been gaming online ever since.  I got into creating art in DAZ Studio back in August 2011 when I was attempting to find free-use elf artwork to create new signature art for both my husband and myself for a forum of a guild that we both belonged to at the time for one of our games.  I get sidetracked very easily and I stumbled onto a picture of a male and female elf that looked like forest elves by the artist Adiene.  I fell in love with the picture but knew that it could not be used. I tore through her entire art site and eventually found promos (which I did not know were those at the time) and ran the search of Victoria 4.2 in Google that led me here to DAZ. I have never worked on that signature art that I set out to do and I don’t know that I ever will. I guess I feel if I do, I will not have a reason to continue this. My works are almost entirely my minds idea of what my game characters would look like if I had my own choice of what they could look like and not what the game restricts them to look like.  I have one character who is such a powerful mage and a goddess that she is able to change how she looks so from one piece to another, she will vary in how she looks & can be confusing to some.  My husband and I are a gaming duo and I have only recently gotten back into gaming since picking up my art habit in August.  Now it is a close tie between my love for my music, my art and my gaming.  All 3 of them will distract me from the others just as bad as another (no I do not play an instrument or in a band, I just love listening and buying music & reading about it).  My art takes me forever to make; I am such a freak about details.  I still make mistakes and am learning but I want my work to be the best that I can do for the level of knowledge that I have. Considering how difficult it is for me to retain information, I think I do a pretty good job at this art stuff.  I wish I could get my Reality plugin to work with my DAZ 4 and all of my light sets instead of just its own built in stuff. Lighting and shadows is my bane; it’s like kryptonite to me LOL.  The one thing that I hope to do one day with all of this art? I hope to be able to make my own custom characters - maybe not for sale - but especially just of my own, what I have in my imagination. It takes forever for me to decide on characters to buy cause they are always never quite what I have in mind for what I am using them for. I want to learn how to change brow and hair colors to get my minds perfect colors, I want to learn texturing so I can retexture clothes and items for myself and use seamless tiles that I buy for items that I purchase from others and I would like to find a glossary of terms for all of the Poser/DAZ terms and acronyms cause I have no clue what all of this stuff everyone says and uses in conversations means! =)