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Graphic Artist, DAZ/Poser Content Developer
Stan Lee, Walt Disney, Edgard Rice Burroughs, Movies, Comic Books, Bodybuilding, Weight Lifting, Powerlifting
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June 01, 2015  04:36 PM

I’m a content developer for DAZ Studio and Poser and a avid bodybuilding sport enthusiast. Have loved lifting weights since I was 13 years old and followed Arnold and all the super heavyweights from the sport and it shows in my art. My first product for DAZ first Freak back in 2004 was indirectly the result of a lower back injury at the gym and having to basically lie in bed for a month. Terrified that I might loose my day job (new mortgage and baby daughter at the time) I figured I needed to get a way to start making money while convalescing in case I was laid off from work so I started doing my first conforming set of Poser clothes with the cpu next to my bed and a small monitor on top of a bed tray over my chest. I published work in progress at the DAZ forum and it caught the attention of Steve Kondris, God bless him, who PM me and invited me to broker it at DAZ. At the end I didn’t loose my day job and was able to return to lift weights gradually. But something good came from that injury, it indirectly opened the doors for me at DAZ.
Another highlight for me was partnering with the extremely talented artist and family man Martin Van Heusden from Optitex. We teamed up to do our first joint product about two years ago and have continued our partnership since then. Martin is really experienced with the Optitex system and he works magic pulling off any kind of pattern you request from him. At the moment we are working on a series of superhero themed dynamic supersuit sets that go very well with the DAZ Supersuit. I always have a big list of projects in my mind that I try to fulfill, things I would like to have available for my art that hopefully others will find necessary for their art too, so hoping what’s coming next will be of your liking.