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I'm beginning to think I don't quite get it when I download purchased files. I know to choose PC for my PC, but then for some models I have a choice between dpc.exe and ds.exe. Should I be downloading both files for Daz Studio? For some reason I was thinking that I only needed the ds.exe file but now I'm wondering if I need both. Any help on this would be appreciated and my apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. thank you!:-)

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    Hi Amyed.

    If you have a dpc.exe and a ds.exe, download both. The dpc.exe file often contains everything you need to make the model work with Poser, and the ds.exe file adds the bits that you need to make it 100% compatible with Daz Studio. Poser content works with Daz Studio, except for materials (and lights, and probably a few other bits and bobs), and the ds.exe file will include the bits to make it work better on DS.

    That's not to say all content has specific bits for DS, some just have the Poser parts and either look fine in DS anyway, or could use some tweaking in the Surfaces tab.

    Hope that helps.

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    Adding to that. It does rather depend on the age of the product. Most of the older products you will tend to need both files, newer ones, should each be complete for the app. It is best to do as BlumBlum suggests and download both. If the file sizes are similar, then it is qite possible you only need to install the DS one, but if the .dpc is noticeably larger, then you probably need both

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    Thank you Barry and chohole. I will download both files now. I have had a few instances where DS told me I had missing files, etc. when I opened a model I had installed. I suspect now that might be why. How do you tell the age of the product, and is there anywhere I can find the download size prior to downloading? The file size used to be in the specs on the product page but I don't see it anymore. I have a 10G limit on bandwidth a month so I have to be frugal. :(

    I'm just full of questions - is there notification when a product is updated?

    Thank you so much!

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    It is a most annoying missing featire, and we do keep moaning about it, Hopefully it will be fixed, sometime or the other. :roll:

    I think someone did write a little app that tells you the size of downloads. I will see if I can find you a link.

    be right back

    OK edited to say I think it is the download thingy here that tells you the size as it helps you download. Ot os free, which is always a good price.

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