Candace for Genesis

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Oh dear ... no, not with the product, that's just fine. It's the 'Smart' Content. Ok, hand up, I'm bad; I hardly ever look at the read me's, plus I was not online when I did the install so it was not really worthwhile having Firefox spark up with no net connection.

Anyway, installed, fired up DAZ and ... where the heck ...? Looked high and low in People, Presets, and nowhere to be found. Did a Search and ... nothing. I did ventually manage to track it down - I forget how now, but it's there.

Now, literally just now (some two days after install) I notice I have two new main categories - Materials and Shaping under Default. And yes, sole inhabitant of those categories is ... *cue drum roll* ... Candace. I can, just about, cope with some figues showing up under Presets> Characters, or in People or just Presets> Materials and/or Presets> Morphs. So why now yes a THIRD place to look!

Standards in computing, got to love them. So bl**dy many to choose from!


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    Yeah I complained about this before, there is no logic to where they put characters/people/presets whatever. Even if you buy them all from Daz and Daz is listed as the vendor.

    Thing is I know I'm just going to miss out on using some of this content after a bit because it will be out of sight.

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    There seems to be NO logic in how people add morphs to Genesis. This is making it a nightmare to use. At least with my poser runtime or even my DAZ studio content library I can move things around to make it more logicial. Is there a way to do this with the genesis morphs?

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    I think you have to edit the DSF files (duf for 4.5?) but I don't want to tinker with that stuff myself. If you could do it inside the software I probably would learn it but I don't want to break stuff in a text editor. Getting too old and lazy for that ;)

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