Best Way to Alter / Lighten Figure Skin Color?

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I just started working with CG and Daz3D and I was wondering what was the best way to alter skin color. Specifically, I'd like to make Genesis and Victoria 5 skin color lighter.

Currently, I've just been changing the color values for "Diffuse Color" and increasing (sometimes beyond 100%) the value for "Diffuse Strength." However, honestly, I don't have any real understanding of what diffuse color/strength is or how it works so I don't know if this is the right way to do this.

Does anyone know or could anyone point me to a guide on how to do something like this? I also have photoshop, so if it is possible to just edit the texture file and re-save it I could do that too, but I've never done something like that before and I don't want to accidentally mess up the original files I paid for.

Thanks for all the help in advance!


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    Both ways work. To create a version in PS only work from Copies of the texture files and be sure you save with a different name. Then just swap your files for the Default files in the Surfaces Tab and then save a new Materials file when your done.

    Hope this helps, the New Mat File also works with just changing the Diffuse Colors.

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    Hi, can anyone answer the same question (how to alter skin tone color) only with Daz and NOT PS? I'm not sure how to make skin color lighter as the diffuse setting is absolute white and set at %100. Help please!

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    There's only so much that can be done without resorting to an image editor to alter the base maps.  Post a screenshot of your surface settings and render (can be a partial) of what you are currently getting...and a description of what you want.

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    I was getting somewhere by altering the Transmitted color in the Surface Color tab after selecting the torso. Now I cannot seem to repeat the process. I was able to make the skin much lighter but now I am dumbfounded. I will try to repeat and take a photo. Also I could not seem to apply the effect to whole body even though when you select the "skin" it highlights the head, torso, legs and arms, it only affected the torso...

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    Ok got it. You apply dzGlossy shader to all parts of the body and then alter the Transmitted color and the amount of gloss...

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    What skin are you working with?  Are you using 3Delight or Iray?  Are you using Iray or 3Delight material.

    You can use the layered image editor which is built into DAZ Studio to add white mask layers.  You can set the opacity of the mask layer to 5%-10%. There are limits with what you can do, because eyebrows are painted on the face masks and get lightened too.  You have to do this on all of the skin surface zones (not the eyes or mouth).  You can select all the skin zones that use the same diffusion texture and do them all at once. There is an old post by somebody describing how to do this in more detail some place.  I'll post a link to it if I can find it.

    This is an example of altering the a skin tone by changing the translucency color in Iray skin material:


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    Here is the link to the old post that describes in more detail how to use the Layered Image Editor to lighten skin:

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