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I wanted to create a simple peice of furniture to test the shader plug-in "anything Goos" by digital carvers guild. I think i am fairly impressed with it. It is very easy to set up. I wanted to paint a peice of furniture and have only the edges show through with some wear or another color. In this image I am modeling a table in Hexagon. I dont do any smoothing, just make sure all the sharp edges have a fillet exrtracted around them to make realistic highlights when I render in Carrara 8.


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    Here I loaded into Carrara and set up some lighting. Global Illume, white background amd a soft spot light. Also painted the table a nice brown. Looks like brand new paint.

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    So here you can see a nice brown finish with a bit of highlight and some of the edges showing through with a lighter color.

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    For today, this is the final image. A lighter color with dark brown unevenly showing through. the mat was simple vertix grid in carrara and the mug was another simple project that i did to practice Hexagon skills and UV mapping in Carrara, [which I always do in carrara[. The potted tree was another project I did the other day. I may post a WIP report of how the little tree was amade. Terribly easy and simple if you have replicators.....

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    Thanks for posting this very nice example of the use of anything Goos. I had been looking at this product but hadn't made up my mind yet.

    Can I ask what version of Carrara you are using ?

    Many thanks

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    Carrara 8 PRO but this pug in works with other versions. I think theres a different version for 6 and also for 32 bit or 64bit. Check Digital Carvers Guild.com

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