Bryce BugReport Update?

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I just had yet another crash while working in the DTE, I want to know when Bryce will be updated so that Bug Reports can once again be sent from within the program?
Or when the BugReport page will be updated/fixed?


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    What problems are you having with the bug report page? I have used it several times in the las week with no problems.

    I don't think reporting bugs from inside the program will be updated, but if it is, it will be during the next development cycle.

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    The problem I am having is that within Bryce when it crashed recently - I clicked on 'Report Bug' and got sent to a duff page, not to the Bug Report page - which otherwise I can't remember how to find.

    It would be nice if Daz would first fix all the bugs that appeared during the last update - like how when you import a model instead of arriving with the name you have given the object, it arrives with the name of the first part of it. Like you make a lantern - you call it a lantern - but it arrives named 'BarTop'... it's so agravating!

    Not your fault - I'm just in a growling mood... grrrr!

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    The main problem here is that as Bryce is currently not in the development cycle any bugs reported will just sit htere for ages and not do anything.

    Why not ask some of our helpful Bryce people here if they have any insight into what is happening. Several of them were on the beta test team afaik.

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    Here is a direct link to the bugtracker main page if that is any use?

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