How do I save my transferred morphs forever?

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OK... This may need a bit of back story...

Some time ago, I transferred a bunch of V4's morphs so I could dial them up on Genesis. This worked out fine as long as I opened the save file I had transferred them to. But since then, I have purchased more shapes for Genesis, and these new shapes do not show up in my saved file. Is there some way to make my collection of V4's morphs available to me with every new scene, like all my purchased shapes?

Am I making sense?

I want to be able to have these morphs available to me even if I add new shapes to my collection... without having to go through and add them all again every time I buy a new shape. Can this be done?

Thanks in advance.


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    If you used GenX it should, as far as I know, have saved the morphs so they would load with a new copy of the figure. However, if not (or if those files have gone missing) File>Save as>Support Asset>Morph Asset is the way to go - give an author name (you, or GenX conversions, or whatever) and a product name (V4 morphs, say), select the morphs you want to save, Accept. That should be it.

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    what about if you have saved them as an asset, then updated to 4.5 and reinstalled genesis. Will they still be there? I have been using goz alot creating tons of morphs! don t want to loose them.

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    Previously installed morphs should still work, mine certainly are. However, I don't have Gen X myself so my testing of those is limited to a couple of characters converted with the tool.

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    i may be misunderstanding you, but....
    i always have a saved scene file of genesis base with all the morphs(gen x too) because it just takes so darn long for genesis to load. however, whenever i buy a new shape, i have to load genesis the original way, and re-save that as a scene, so all the new shape morphs are included.

    for my characters that use gen x morphs, for example, i simple load the newest version of genesis scene, load my character scene, and then copy/paste to transfer the old gen x character shape to the new genesis. this way i have my all my old gen x morphs, as well as any new shapes/morphs i may have purchased since i created the character originally.

    of course, this can make for larger files, with all those extra shapes in there, so it's really up to you whether you want to update every time you add a new shape to the base genesis.

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    YAY!! That worked!! Thanks, Richard!! :)

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