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Sadly a few days ago my workstation suffered a severe crash/ hard-disk failure. Due to this i lost both my runtimes and content files folders. I do have a backup off my content, however this backup is a bit outdated.

Since it means i have to install all my content again, I wanted to do a fresh start and re-download all my content so I'm sure i have the most recent versions. To do this i found several tools here on the forum (3d content downloader and DAZ History Manager).After a little experiment with genesis content, they seem right for the job.

However i have some questions in regard to this:

- Is it allowed to reset all items at once, and download them in a couple of days (Internet connection on my side is no problem, 50 mbit cable with no data limit)? Or will i get in to "trouble" with DAZ (+/- 700 items in my itemized history including bundles).

- If i'm not mistaken DAZ announced a new download tool. Does anyone know when this will be released ? maybe i could wait for this, or is it a DAZ "soon" ;-) release...


Did some guessing/counting based on a "test" download (reset of 47 products/ 178 files). It would take more than 100 hours of constant downloading (at the rate these files where downloaded, think this is still a low estimate). So i decided to use my backup as a base for reinstalling and see if i can find out which files/products are missing..... And hope the new DAZ download tool will be released quickly.

But i do wonder how other people solved this/ did this? Any suggestions are welcome

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    I simply reinstall what I want to use and have the fun (all the time) of trying to figure out what it is that I want to use, if it is installed, do I OWN it, and where in blazing flying weasels did I store it if it isn't installed.

    Right now my problem is that my main creating computer has changed three times. First time was preplanned and had no file loss. Second time the computer died and I have no idea what files were still on it and not on my backup. The third time could have been preplanned if I had some warning. My husband had set up the old computer (1st one) to use after #2 died. Then he went and bought a new one a couple of months later. But the problem (small annoying one) arose when he went and set it up when I wasn't home and hadn't had a chance to back up my most recent purchases. So I have 2 periods of purchases that I am not sure of when and have no idea if I have all of my files stored on my backup. Slow and patient I am working my way through and trying to organize and figure it out. One day I shall succeed. Add to that - numerous copies of the same product and updated versions of products needing downloading.

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