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Hi, DAZ Team,

I read the EULA and i am confused about this one topic and would like clarification. If i purchase a prop, character, etc.. from the Shop (A DAZ created character for example). Can i render the character out as pictures (not using the exact 3D model) and import those pictures into a game? Maybe i am reading wrong but i am thinking that the Game Developer License is for those who would like to export the character into a 3D Format and Import it as a 3D Character in their game. TIA!


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    I believe you are reading it correctly. My understanding is that you can use the 2D renders without a game license. That has been discussed several times in threads in these forums. I'm not sure it a search would turn those threads up for you. Search is a little weak still. Maybe a search for the word game would work. You could also call DAZ support and ask, if you want to hear it directly from then, I guess.

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    You can use any and all renders freely in games. You can use any and all Animations freely in games, even as sprites or moving objects. You only need a Gamers license if you wish to use the 3D mesh of the object in a 3D game engine.

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    @barbult @Jaderail Thanks you so much guys!

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