Where are the beards hiding?

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In DAZ studio, it's pretty easy. Load up a figure, scroll a little, and you can select eye colors, beards, skin options...
Where is all of this in the 8.5 beta?
I swear I've been through all of my options and can't find a the basic M5 beards included in DAZ studio anywhere.
Who can help with the locations of these options?


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    "Load up a figure, scroll a little, and you can select eye colors, beards, skin options…
    Where is all of this in the 8.5 beta?"

    Right where they should be, poses. Unless you are talking about genesis; which is a completely different set up. For that one you will have to find "my library" in the content tab. People, materials. Can't tell you anything about the smart content tab because I absolutely refuse to have CMS on my comp.

    Personally I steer clear of the studio content folder as much as possible. I'd prefer not to have to use it at all. I like to work in my runtimes and finding anything in a studio content folder; for me, is like playing hide and seek with a pooka.

    More over there are no beards included in studio for M5. As far as I know the genesis beard is a separate purchase. There is a skin texture that has a beard that is included with M5, again this would be in my library, people, genesis, materials.

    For me everything is listed in the same place, the same way as studio, in carrara.

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    Well, I appreciate you stopping by to help, sir. ;)
    Yes, I was just looking for the simple skin textures provided with M5, and sure enough I have those folders, but they're completely empty.
    A lot of the smart content and folders in Carrara 8.5 has just struck me as so wonky, I can't really tell what's a bug and what's me just being stupid.
    So, at least I know where they SHOULD be. Perhaps a bug report or a reinstall might be my next option...

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    As far as I know The M5 preset materials do not work in Carrara yet. The images do not come up in Smart content or content.

    You have to change them manually in the shader room for now. I believe they are working on that.

    Tried V5 and her materials don't show either.

    There may be a possibility of new updates to M5 V5 that have/will fix that... you could try a reset of your M5.

    but some of the standard genesis textures are showing up in the and the poses are working now...

    As far as beard -

    Depends on what you mean by "beard"

    If you mean unshaven - it doesn't work in Carrara. The other one I don't own.

    (there is a great beard product for Carrara - "Men Only" http://www.daz3d.com/shop/men-only/

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    Right, carrara has never been able to use studio's mat files.

    I can't give my opinion of CMS or smart content, it keeps getting me in trouble. But mostly I just don't need it. My content is very well organized, I don't need help finding it, I know where it's at because I put it there.

    But namrettek is right, you are going to have to do some folder diving, find the texture you are looking for, and apply it in the shader room. No problem for me, I spend a lot of time in the shader room and make a lot of my own textures. If that is too much work for you, maybe carrara isn't your app. But remember C8.5 is a beta, the beta part is genesis compatibility.

    Do what I do, open studio, preset genesis with skins, then save as a DSF. Carrara can open that fine and should have the right textures.

    Carrara and studio were developed with 2 different philosophies, Carrara was designed for the digital artiest that wants to create an entire scene from scratch in one app. Studio is just the opposite, it was designed to do as much as possible for you and is dependent on premade content. One gives you total creative freedom; just look at wendy's stuff, and one restricts you to premades and presets.

    One was designed for you to be creative the other was designed to sell you content. Till DAZ made the figure set up tools I considered studio to be one of the best sales gimmicks ever conceived.

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    Well, I've been using DS4.5... goodness knows why.
    The DSF option is gone now, I guess? And it looks like the DUF file is all I can save anything as.
    After playing with this for about twenty minutes, I'm going to take another wild swing here...
    DUF isn't yet compatible with 8.5, is it? :D

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    DSF is there but it only works on genesis or any triax figure.

    Sorry but I am real confused by all the different save options. It's bad when you need an instruction manual on how to save what :long:

    edit to add a simple DUF of V4 and dynamic clothing. morphs are all screwed up and the clothing in undraped. Not to mention the texture.

    512 x 540 - 45K
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