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I am here to shop for the PC club sale...and now looking at shoes for V4.2.... the GRACE PUMP is so pretty, and the one for Gen looks like a better fit, and you sure get more colors/textures in the set...

BUT I can't figure out if those pumps will work FOR SURE on V4.2? I do NOT have (or plan to get) any Genasis or V5 figures.

Thanks for your help.



  • DWGDWG Posts: 770
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    No, Genesis clothing won't work on Gen 4 figures, the only cross-generational clothing fits are Gen 3 and 4 onto Genesis via Autofit.

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    oh.. okay - it said there were "morph fits" for V4 in the list and I did not know what that meant. ?

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    You might want to look at this Grace Pumps For V4... Not as many colors but fit for V4.

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    I did but they look like they do not fit (toes)... meanwhile I found this:

    Really nice and lots of variety at a great price! (wish real shoes cost this! LOL!)

    Thanks very much for your help! :)

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    It SHOULD read genesis V4 morph for the Genesis set of those shoes.

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    Well all's well that end's well... It's good I was things jumped in and out of my cart, it said I was not logged in...and finally I just closed, dumped cookies, came back and the 2 sets of shoes I chose (for V4 and M4) were there... and I could check out okay.

    Nobody makes shoes like Idler, so I HAD to push through the frustration.

    oh and I made sure I was buying shoes specificially for V4, M4, and A4... yay! :)

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