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Basically long story short is it possible to increase the ambient strength slider past the 100% limit or is it hard wired into the software? As I find this a bit of a downer when wanting to be able to have bright glowing textures and the like..


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    Click on the small cog wheel on the Ambient Strength slider, Select Parameter Settings and turn limits off by unticking "Use Limits".

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    As ReDave suggests, with that tip we can just about make adjustments to any limits in Daz Studio. You can always set a fixed limit by editing the Parameters if you prefer but ReDave's way is quicker.

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    Ahh thank you for the help shows I am still learning about Studio 4 as never knew about that cog wheel next to the ambient slider.

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    LOL Yeah in DS3 we had little ikcle tiny Black Option Triangles, now replaced with the Striped square icon at the top left of each Pane.

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    should not have to have to change the limits just set the value.

    We have done presets with higher value's than 100% that worked both in DS3 and DS4 (Ours were Uber mats not sure if that made a difference)

    Limits are only really for poses

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    Too be 100% honest I always reset the Values by typing in a new Max/Min Value and have never used the Limits Off Command. :)

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    Does a value over 100 actually do anything for this particular Parameter?
    Is it more effective to change the base color to something lighter rather than push past the -100/+100 limit?
    Parameters can be adjusted to any value, but some don't register any noticeable change beyond a finite range.

    I'm asking, not saying.

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    I have used ambient at 1000% before now to light a room with Indirect Lighting with just playing about. :) Yes Increasing ambient above 100 works.

    If any off you reading this are wondering what Cog we are refering to then please read on. :)

    If you want to change the max or min value which in most cases will work.

    Anyways if you haven't noticed the little Cog next to the Values (See image one)

    Clicking on the Cog will reveal a drop down box showing the command Parameter Settings. (See image two)

    Another Window opens giving you the option of typing in new values and "Accept" applies the new values. (See image three)

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