DimensionTheory store is on sale - but better

Frank__Frank__ Posts: 302
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Okay, a 50%-off sale isn't actually a CNN-headline, maybe even not here a new topic thread ... but, if you're a PC member you got this, too: http://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/4399/

5$ off on any PA-stuff over 10$. Good deal. But be aware; even if the PC thread says, it will work two times, it didn't work on different combinations I tried the second time. It worked without any problem on an already on-sale item the first time. So you could get some DT-bundle stuff at around 75%-off ("if you choose wisely", Indy 3), which made me me think, that's enough for a new topic.

Go, buy! DAZ is desperate to get some sales! :)


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