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When one has a MOTION path say for a 4 sec duration at 30 Frames a second. When you go to see at what point along the path is along the time line mine says form 0-96...... WHAT is the number 96? I know its not frames per 4 secs. at 30 FPS


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    It's a percentage of the overall length of the motion path EG: 0-100 %

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    Then how do you explain this! I just made this motion path for a 4 sec run! It says 0-150! So is that zero to onehundred and fifty percent?

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    It appears to be Carrara units of distance. For example if one is in the small scene the units would repersent inches or a equivalent metic unit.

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    The units are inches, whether you are using US or metric. For instance, the grid in a medium scene is 30ft = 360 inches. Using a motion path across the floor, it shows 360 . Change that to metric or anything else, it still shows 360.

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