How can I find what things need to be updated?

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I recently ran across a thread which indicated that one of my annoyances (the Ultralight showing up in the wrong spot in Smart Content) was fixed with an update. I had thought that updates would be propagated to us better; unfortunately it looks like it's worse.

In the old system, it told us when we'd downloaded it, and when the latest update had happened. I could reset to my hearts content, and skim the 'last update' dates, comparing them to the 'last downloaded at' dates, and be pretty sure I'd found them. Unfortunately, it looks like the new site also lost the 'last downloaded at' column, which means I have to manually cross-reference version numbers with the latest updated versions.

I vaguely recall there being some belief on the part of DAZ prior to the changeover that folks would get updated product emails... If this is not going to be true, I has a sad. :-/

Does anybody have a good method, other than 'write a script to reset everything and parse all the pages and look for discrepancies'? (My list of DAZ scripts is going to get epic soon...)

Thanks muchly!

-- Morgan


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    I'm hoping that in addition to the Install Manager (which I am told can check for updates and just download the files that have changed, instead of the entire product), that the other methods of keeping track of updates will be improved once the store has stabilized. A couple of things I would like to see:

    1) Not only have last download dates and last update dates on the Itemized Order History, but an option to just show products that have been updated.

    2) Bundles automatically being converted into individual items in your IOH -- once you've bought it, a bundle should be no different than an order with multiple separate items.

    3) Automated emails when products are updated.

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    numbers one and 3 would be the most important options IMO. Just knowing there's been an update would be helpful

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    An automatic updater would be tricky I would think as so many people modify the mess that is their inventory.

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