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Hi All,

I am guessing that my morphs are conflicting, but essentially i am using two different sets as i want some things from one, and some from another. I loaded the figure (already has some morphs), then i use the V4++ injections and inject the specific ones i want from that.

However, the morphs from V4++ pop up in my parameters, but when sliding them, nothing happens on my figure.

So i am guessing that there is some conflict. Is there a way that i can have both? as i dont want to sacrifice one for the other.

Any tips are appreciated.


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    Which figure is it that you are using that already has morphs injected, also which program are you doing this in. We can assume it is DS, but you could be using Poser or another different program.

    And which part of the figure are you trying to change the morphs in, morphs do tend to work on specific parts of the body as well as the whole body.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I am using DS 4.6.

    Sorry about not giving more information, just wasnt sure if i could mention this particular morph here.
    I am going for an ultra realism look. So far im happy with skin and hair so now im focusing on body parts.

    The figure i started with is just a pre-injected version of V4, called Lali's bits. People who are aware what that primarily is will see why i was hesitant to mention it here, but its all part of the look im going for. As realistic as i can get it, in every way. The morphs for the breast/chest area are not setup how i would like though, the sliders change the entire chest region, not just the breast/sternum/lats individually. This is why i wanted to inject the V4++ morphs onto this figure.

    Apologies in advance if i went too far

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    Not sure if anyone has done anything similar for V4 but Zev0 does have a product for Genesis which may be better than Morphs++ for waht you want to do.

    Have you tried selecting just the Breast area of the figure and looking at the parameter dials there.

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    The V++ morphs should work with on top of any fullbody morphs, but you may need to contact the creator of the morph to find out if they disabled the normal morph dials when they created the custom morph as can happen sometimes.

    that would be the best first step.

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    You have to get the right version of Lali's bit. The Poser version must be converted for use in DAZ only.
    Or do you use the original version of DAZ Lali.
    Look in the instruction manual of Erogenesis.
    Lali'Bit's work very well with all major morphs

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