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Hi I have never touched CARRARA before.

I got Carrara 6 Pro (It was free and came with daz studio manual ), and I try to register it to daz,
but daz did not support it now. is not it?

then I have thought I will get Carrara somedays,,.

Now I feel it is the great chance to get Carrara 8 ,,.

but I do not know Carrara update , and the difference pro, or normal,,

and what version is good for me,, and so.

Now I throw Carrara 8 from shop to my wishlist. (Yes It seems big chance,, double sale time,

but I afraid daz will set Carrara 8 free, then sell Carrara8.5 or Carrara 9,

and I should buy them again,,,?!

then I find about Carrara 8.5 beta (it seems free download now?)

I am now very very hesitate over which to choose .

I want to know about the merit of them .

and is there meaning to buy Carrara 8, ($52.49 now onsale,, it is last time?)

because there are free download Carrara8.5 beta,,

and it seems many proguress from Carrara 8, is not it?

so please someone guide me to start with Carrara,,

and safe install too, (if I get it,, it seems difficutlt,, I may try Carrara 8.5 too)

(before this sale time end,,, )

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    Carrara 8.5 is only free to the people that own one of the Carrara Pro versions that allow the 8.5 version to be downloaded. Carrara 6 does not allow you to get the FREE Carrara 8.5 version.

    Daz does give Discounts to the Carrara versions when a new version is published if you own one of the other older versions. They will not give Carrara away. If you buy Carrara 8 and a version 9 is made you will get the discount when it is sold. DAZ has said in the past that Carrara will never be free. I trust them, I have never seen a new version given away before.

    I hope I spoke clear enough for you to understand and that I was some help to you.

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    Thank you So clear guidance!! I stop to try downlaod carrara 8.5 beta ^^;

    then If I buy carrara 8 normal ver now, I can not download 8.5 beta,,

    so amigo and tutor gederlail , what is most difference between 8 and pro ver do you think?

    If I own carrara 8 normal,

    is there anything which I can not do by studio 4, hexagon, and bryce pro,,?

    and Is there way to upgrade 8 pro from normal 8?

    now 8 pro is $192.49 @@; (I can not get it now,,,no,, though it is special price,,)
    normal 8 is $52.49 ^^ ; (I may get it if I want,, but I do not recognize fully the worth to get it ,,)
    and carrara upgrade is same as daz studio?
    it means that I buy and download other plug ins for upgrade normal ver to pro.

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    Let me point you to the Carrara Disscussion Forum it is here http://www.daz3d.com/forums/categories/66/
    You will get better answers about Carrara in that forum. I just knew the things I told you. I can say this, Carrara is the MOST powerfull program DAZ sell's. That is why it will never be given away for free. It is very good and can do everything DAZ Studio, Hexagon and Bryce can all in just one program.

    I hope you get the answers you need from the people that know more than I do.

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    Hi kitakoredaz :)

    There is a Demo / Trial version of Daz3D Carrara8 Pro available at www.downloads.com (search for Carrara 8)
    everything works for 30 days.

    You can find out more about the features of carrara, and the differences between the Standard and the Pro Versions. here.

    As Jaderail suggested. ..you'll find out more about Carrara, in the Carrara discussion forums.

    Hope it helps ;)

    Thankyou Jaderail, for the good advice and help as always :)

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    Just doing what I could, you know I like too help if I can.

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    This last release of Carrara 8.5 Beta we have opened up to any one who wants to try Carrara. This beta release has a time out date and will stop working when the Serial Number runs out. When we offer a new beta, we will extend the SN so you can continue using the beta release. We are working on some issues before we release the final build of 8.5 Carrara.

    DAZ 3D has no plans to make Carrara free.

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    Well, I did not know that. Sorry I gave false information. I hope the OP tries the BETA for free to see if they wish to purchase.

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    thanks all. And jaderlail! I do not mind it at all. of course I check it again before decide.

    and usually I do not like get beta, or rc only.

    I think again, then I decide to buy 8 pro now. (it is so expensive tool for me,
    and I know it is little bit old aprication,, now,,I hope daz update and release 8.5 in this year,,
    oh,, please price for update keep low cost,,,)

    I am now so confused because, there are so many files,, and I am stop to install them,,

    I feel it is better to ask about carrara on carrara discussion forum( thanks jaderlail, and advices,
    3dage! I choose to ride on "daz business way". this time.)

    so I moved there. (so do not say I made duplicate topics please!!) and,,

    if something to tell me about insttall carrara and contents, please,, tell me here.

    I am crying tand shout there but do not mind about it,, it is my style,,

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