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I finished my update for my website:

When I first got this calendar, years ago, it used to have the day of the week highlighted. That little string of code seems to have gone away and wondering if there are any HTML folks here that can look over the HTML (the calendar is embedded in the web sites Home.HTML page) and see if I can't get back my highlighted day. It was a nice option. I'd like the color to to be #9BCF53 if possible.

Thanks for the help! :-)


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    The code is actually there, it just doesn't work in Firefox. It works fine in IE, though.

         if ((now.getDate() == c)&&(show_date.getMonth() == now.getMonth())&&(show_date.getYear() == now.getYear())) {document.getElementById("d"+i+"r"+j).style.backgroundColor = "65e95e";document.getElementById("d"+i+"r"+j).style.color = "000000";};
         if (c>0) {document.getElementById("d"+i+"r"+j)[removed] =  c};
         if (i==7){i=0;j++;}

    That's the area specifically where "65e95e" is the highlight color. You can find that roughly around lines ~218-223

    I'm also not sure why that section near the end says [removed] when code quoted in the forums as the code is actually present in the html/javascript. o_O

    Read up on some code differences between the two browsers. Add the # sign infront of both 65e95e and 000000 (ex: "65e95e" becomes "#65e95e"), and the code works in both IE and FF. Change the 65e95e to your color code also.
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    Hi, Just home from the gym. OK.. I'll try that! Thanks so much! :-)

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    All fixed and works as expected. Even changed the violet frame color to a less saturated one! MUCH better! Thanks again! :-)

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    No problem. Glad it worked. :D

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