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This is a silly question I'm sure, so please bear with me.

If I start with one of the Carrara Scene files (say, the 3/4 moon scene) and want to add DAZ scene files into this scene, is there a way I can do it without the DAZ files coming in at a gigantically enormous scale so that it blots out any of the Carrara Scene elements?

Thank you.


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    HI Small Fry :)

    In Carrara, you have three different scene scales, Small, Medium, and Large.
    Small is ideal for making small scenes like a product box shot,
    Medium is for working with Human scale figures , and Large is for big landscapes.

    With each scene scale,. the camera motion scale is changed to allow you to move around easily, ..also the basic scales of objects you add will be smaller or larger depending on the scene scale. (inches, feet or Miles)

    All of the example scenes, use elements which can either be created in Carrara (in any scene), or can be saved in the browser, and loaded into another scene.
    Things like the Background or Realistic sky, can be saved and loaded, and aren't as scene dependent as an object or figure.

    If you're working with figures,.. start with a Medium scale scene load in your figures and add the background or sky you want from the browser,.. you can still add a Small object, or a Big terrain to that scene..

    You can also work in Carrara with multiple scene files open at the same time.
    this allows you to Copy / Paste items from one scene, into another. but it won't change the scale of them.

    Finally, you can change the scene scale in the General tab (top right) when you select "Scene" in the instance list.
    this doesn't rescale any objects, but it allows you to move the camera in lager or smaller steps.

    hope that makes sense :)

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    Thanks, 3DAge! Once again you come to my rescue! ;)

    It was nice learning about the other tips, but I think that last one you offered will help me the most. Often I've wanted to use a scene file just to set the right atmospheric look for my DAZ props and been frustrated. I'd look in the manual and not find what I wanted. Thank you for helping me with this!


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    No problem Small fry, .. I'm glad to help :)

    Carrara is a Big program, with a lot of options, and some are less obvious than others :)

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