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hello I'm new to the bryce community but not to bryce when i was younger i would mess around with bryce all the time
when i got my own computer i was told bryce was for pc only *didn't check website or anything*
one day i got board looked it up and low and behold its for mac YEAH!!!

also i've hear a rumor that bryce models can be imported into mine craft is it true and how

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    I don't know who ever told you that Bryce is only for the PC, heck I had to wait till Brcye 2 came out before I could use it on my PC. I envied the Mac community for ages till Bryce 2 was released.

    Be aware though, it currently doesn't work if you are using OS X Lion, but we were told just this week that will be worked on and hopefully in the near future.

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    Welcome Dante! Hope you're not on Lion! LOL.
    @chocole: Great news about it beeing worked on. Just hope its not DAZ soon!

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    Welcome aboard!

    Maybe the period where Corel stopped selling the Mac version...

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    Welcome aboard dante :)

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