New user, no smart content, multiple installs and uninstalls

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I've been installing, uninstalling, reading discussion threads and help files and nothing seems to let DAZ load any smart content. So here I am posting in a last ditch effort to figure out what looks to be promising software if I can just get it to run properly. I use Windows XP, 32 bit, just wanted to use this as a drawing reference tool but had my heart set on costumes and wardrobes but alas, no smart content.

As stated, I've been reading help documents for hours. I've uninstalled and reinstalled everything multiple times. The program knows where to look for the smart content, it's simply not working. When I open DAZ I get one generic humanoid on the stage that I can shape, color, and pose a little bit but that's all I get. Any thoughts for loading smart content?


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    Are you not seeing anything in Smart Content, or are you getting error messages when you try to load something?

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    Nothing shows up in smart content. I just figured out i can drag and drop DSON files from the library onto the stage and use them that way, however the library browser on the left does not work.

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    Sounds like your CMS is not running or corrupted, mine does both of these as well on occasion.

    CMS Not Running Fix:
    To get it back up and running you need to open your task manager for your computer and go to Services, Right Click on "DAZContentManagementService" and select "Start Service" this should work for you. If it isn't working right away try restarting DS.

    CMS Corrupted File Fix:
    Stop CMS via the task manager then uninstall it,
    Delete all of the files inside this folder: (Default Install Location)
    C:/ProgramData/DAZ3D/Content Management Service/databases
    Now you need to Re-Install DS4.6

    This will reset your CMS with new files and all should be right in the world of Smart Content once more.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for trying. So far this was just the first item on an ever growing list of disappointments with this software. Good thing it was free.

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    So neither of those worked for you?
    Also not all of the content has Metadata which is required for the Smart Content tab. The newer products in the store should have Metadata though and the Genesis Essentials has Metadata as well so if that is installed you should be seeing content in the Smart Content tab.


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