Pivot Point (Origin) messed up after applying Pose

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I seem to be having a problem with the pivot point (origin) for Genesis being messed up, when I apply a pose to the character.

Specifically this:

a.) load a plain Genesis character into an empty scene
b.) apply the "JG-MIT_06_M" pose (from the Mage Tower) to the Genesis character

a.) the Genesis character is in the correct pose (but not rotated correctly around the Y-axis)
b.) the translation/rotation gadget is no longer at the base of the Genesis character (bottom of the feet), but instead is "off to the side" (maybe at 0,0,0 ???)

This makes it nearly impossible to rotate the character into the correct position.

Is this normal and is there a fix for it ?



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    see this topic

    or you can use this script which worked in DS4.5 but I have not tried in 4.6

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    With figures, you can translate and rotate the figure at the hip and figure levels. Check the X,Y,Z translationa and rotation of both and you should be able find out which one to zero.

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    Thanks for the help !

    Doing the translation/rotation on the hip bone works just perfect ... always good to learn something new ;-)


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    I prefer to use local cordinate setting with universal tool, when I hope to rotate genesis as I want.
    though it can not set value , need manually rotate, but it is only way to rotate genesis with his real local body axis

    At first,, the genesis hip rotation X, Z axis keep general world axis ,
    when rotate genesis by parameter (or pozing) tab.

    On the other hand only rotation Y , the axis along to genesis body vertical Y line.
    (or I can say it is center point axis, ,, center point axis never rotate,, when you see in joint tool)

    But other children node of hip,, can rotate with each local axis (end node axis)
    bend,, side to side, or foward buck etc,,, by parameter tab.

    hope someone test ,, set plane just behind genesis as buck wall.
    then rotate plane with genesis Y axis 30, (use parameter tab,, or universal tool as you hope)

    genesis keep good relative positon as same as before, on the wall.

    then select genesis hip,, try to rotate genesis like the clock hand on the back .

    eg you try to genesis rotate, like short hand as 3:30 on the bord. or try simply 90 degree.
    you may understand you have no way to set value.

    while plaing with parameter tab, to rotate genesis, by each axis,
    you may find,, genesis rotate X, and Z not along the general axis as same as before.
    I think it may cause gimbal rock then lose controll of genesis rotation with parameter tab

    (before I was taught by Richard about ds gimbal rock, so I think

    but I still can not clear what axis, actuallly genesis hip rotate along usually ,and hope to be.
    as for me,, genesis hip rotation is too difficult to clear understand,
    and why only Y rotation keep rocal axis? I want to know the meaning .

    (there may be some logical purpose to pozinge or animate genesis I belive.
    should be fomula, how to rotate genesis. (with general and hip)
    but no one have not taught the big secret clear.:ohh:

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