When will 'Free for Limited Time' end?

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At the risk of starting yet another gripe session...

The 'suite' has been free 'for a limited time' for (from my best guess) 5 months - at least - possibly 6. I remember telling some of my 2D artist friends to download it back in February/March time frame - meeting my obligation to tell at least 2 people about the software that used to be in the conditions for installing. (Haven't read the terms of sale recently to see if that criteria still applies.)

I find it par for the course that after I pay for software, the package goes on sale for a deeper discount. That's the risk of being an 'early adapter' in the marketing game. Even seeing a previous version given away provides as a hook for new customers and giving an 'upgrade price' goes along with that game.

But to offer the current software (and then some) free for such a long time is rather a slap in the face since I consider myself a loyal customer.

The software became free well after my '30 day' period, so technically I have no grounds to ask for any 'refund' on my purchase. But DAZ has given the current version of 4.0 away for an unprecedented amount of time. I have less of an issue with Hexagon and Bryce. I got them at a discounted prices and still get took advantage of reduced price upgrades. But add those in and it starts to grate (even if I might have got them free because back at that time they truly were free for a short time frame).

Please, end the free giveaway and compensate those of us who bought the software, particularly Studio (like a 'loyalty coupon" good for 30 - 60 days? Seems only fair. And not to mention, there's a truth in advertising situation of having a perpetual 'going out of business sale'... limited time means a limited and reasonable time frame. Five to six months goes beyond the definition of reasonable time.


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    Hi, robert! :)

    I don't know if you were around at the time, but DAZ3D did make an anouncement that customers should contact them if they were "Early Adopters" Many were able to come to a satisfying conclusion. I would recommend that you contact them about your personal situation.

    Good luck! :)

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    I dont think they are going out of business, rather than that they increased the customer base so they can sell more content, so any user can start buying content right away, before the Studio price was a huge stopper to buy content from DAZ, I believe is a smart move and some other companies like Unity have done this software giveaway

    I also did buy Carrara Pro and it has been kinda free for months

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    It's not the first thread I saw people complaining that the software is now free while they have paid for.

    Beside the fact that not only DAZ is doing this (it happens to stuff I purchased also once in a while) I do not see what's the point.
    You can say the same about every sales, fast grab ...

    Personally I can say that I spend a lot of money for content the last several months and that would never been happened if the Application was not free.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I'll give a shot at Customer Service. Appreciate the insight. I guess I missed the thread(s) at the time.

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    Yeah, it IS pulling in new users. Me, for example.

    In February, a friend of mine badgered me until I said "FINE! I'll download it!" and download I did.

    I would not have done it if it hadn't been free. It was simply a non-thing in my eyes. Can't afford it, what if I waste my money, yada yada. It turned out that I mesh quite nicely with it.

    Now? Hold on. I'll go and give some CPR to my cred card...

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