Not sure what i did but...

Normally i don't ask things in the forums and once in awhile rarely i'll search around to look for something i'm not sure on if i can't do an internet find elsewhere..but here goes...I was using daz just fine last night and before way now...and had zero issues things have been going smoothly since i downloaded daz 4.10 too and i've not had any recent addons or updates to do. I'm sure what i'm having an issue with is something simple and that i could be overlooking something...but i'm not sure on that either lol so basically i loaded up a pre-existing character to start with, it loaded and i seen it for a second...and then it was there but not showing up...sort's parts are in the scene tab and can be highlighted but otherwise it shows as if it's invisible or something even though it's there...i have the eye icon on all the items etc in all of the scene showing as checked and on, but i still can't see the figure and items it has. It's kind of like the image i'm going to show where i just loaded up a basic g3f figure to check and see if it was just that one pre-made character or all of my characters..seems to be anything i load, it loads shows things for a second or two and then gives me what's in the image. Did i accidentally hit something i'm not aware of or what? Any help with this is apprciated lol.


  • Your draw style option is "wire bounding box". Just click on the cube left of perspective view on top of the viewport, and select "texture shaded"

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    *Facepalm* Well...I suppose i was right about missing something simple somewhere lol thank you so much for the help, not sure when on earth i even hit that option but apparently i did and that's deffinately what it was. Many thanks Finsterfoerster! laugh

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