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Hallo when I tried to add content to daz studio - to my library... during loading of an item... i got error messages to all resource files and insteead of item, there is only cubic placeholder... What is wrong?


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    You need to be a bit more specific. What item did you try to load? How did you install the item, is it from DAZ store or third party content? Are you using the default xcontent paths, or custom content paths?

    The error message could mean three things: You bought and installed an add on that needs the base product to function, or you installed content wrongly so that Studio can't find the filesm or that the directory where the missing files are stored is not known to Studio.

  • it is genesis 3 male figure coming with daz studio -  i have downloaded the zip, unpacked it and put into my library folder... is it correct this way? or where shoould i put it? im poser "runtime" user...

  • How did you unpack, manually or with Install Manager? If this is Poser, Genesis 3 figures are not supported in Poser and do not come with Poser Companion Files - some people have been able to get results they find acceptable, but that involves removing some features.

  • no i ma not installing them into poser but to daz studio... as i wrote, it will manually unpack zip files a copy it to "my library" in documents/daz/studio

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    Is the upper-most folder "Content"? If so, copy the folders within that folder into the My Library structure. What product is it?

  • it is genesis 3 male figure base figure.... i have no folder structure in My Library...

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    The Genesis 3 male base figure is within the downloadable file I'm going to assume that that is what you have downloaded and attempted to install. If you open that .zip archive, you will find the following:

    1. A Content folder (as Tom Dowd mentioned)

    2. A Supplement.dsx file and a Manifest. dsx file

    The latter two may be ignored for manual installation. The Content folder contains the data that needs to be placed in your "My Library" folder - note, as Tom Dowd has said, that it is the contents of the Content folder, not the Content folder itself, that needs to be placed within your content library.The contents of the Content folder are the following folders: Scene Builder, Runtime, Render Presets, People and data. All of these folders need to be copied or dragged-and-dropped into your My Library folder. Doing so will either create these folders or add their contents to existing folders within your library. In the latter case you should be promted to merge the folder contents and you should click "yes". Under no circumstances should the entire contents of the Content folder in the .zip be added to your existing Runtime folder (that is the top level Poser folder, not the top level DAZ Studio folder - which in your case is My Library according to what you have told us.


  • Thank you. that may be the cause... I will try to correct this according your advice...

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