Render artifacts in Daz

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Why am I getting these colour squares?


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    My guess is uberenvironment + deep shadow maps. It's a known issue, try moving the camera a little and make sure nothing is blocking its pov. I had this happen to me acouple of times but never with version 47. Alternatively you could switch to raytraced shadows.

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    But I like deep shadows:( oh well...

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    I use deep shadows the majority of the time and have only had this problem on the very odd occasion, I'm sure I've also read somewhere that it has to do with memory.
    The time I had it the worse was when using the Visual Toon shaders.

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    But I have an I7 2600 with 8GB DDR3 running daz64bit.. I doubt its ram. I can easily fix with postwork but sometimes it appears on a place that I cannot just clone stamp out lol. Oh well, Just to be safe I'll try with raytrace and soften the shadow blur and see if I like it. Thanks guys.

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    My understanding is that this is a renderman (the render engine behind DS) issue. The slight camera tweak ( alittle roll or angle) and often they'll go away. The only sure fire method to eliminate them is to switch from DSM to Raytraced Shadows.

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    I used to get some of them using LDP2, but not very often. I think it's something to do with the angle of what is reflected (due to how the adjusting the camera might fix this issue). But I am mostly using raytracing with UE2, so this issue is moot for me. Besides, I discovered that UE2 gave better shadows than Shadow-mapping does, and is waaaay faster on rendertime!

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