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When scaling all the vertices of the end of a cylinder in both the X & Y axis at the same time I find hex jumps from one setting to another and won't scale smoothly to where I want the vertices to be. I have to use the numeric inputs to tweak them where I want them

Is there a way to overcome this problem ?


  • TapiocaTundraTapiocaTundra Posts: 268
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    I think I know what you mean, it jumps at a certain point, I do not know why, grid snap appears not to effect it.
    You might try checking "keep ratio" in the properties panel and then clicking in one of the size values and with the scroll button on your mouse adjust it that way, for precise jobs I feel numerical entry is a wise choice,

  • Joe CotterJoe Cotter Posts: 3,187
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    That type of jumping is common in many 3D apps. My suggestion is to become comfortable with doing numerical inputs, as using them helps in other ways also.

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    Thanks guys for the suggestions, I found the answer.

    When using the scale manipulator you need to use centre gray box for smooth scaling rather the one that is between the x & y axis (jerky scaling).

    So off and running again now.

  • TapiocaTundraTapiocaTundra Posts: 268
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    Well done, teaching an old dog new tricks, I am so used to working with the universal manipulator the scale one did not occur to me, It works good.

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