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Okay so here goes with a load of questions.

I know how to make morphs on characters in DS4 on Genesis and props. Shoot even on Gen 4 characters in DS4 using Hexagon or other programs. I know how to get them back into DS4 to use and render for my own personal use. Same goes for items I work with in DS3. I have both on my pc as well as Hexagon and Silo.

Here is where I'm getting confused because of the few tutorials I bought or found for free they describe the how to's for making morphs but they seem to pretty slim on how to share them legally or to sell them.

What I want to know is.

If I load Genesis, dial up the basic female shape and then export out to hexagon, tweak the shape a bit in the face or whole body and then bridge back to Daz where and how do I save it for others? I would love to see the step by step instructions including the proper file folder structure that others should receive if I give or sell it.

Now to my understanding, if I dial up any part of a daz morph package for Genesis such as V4 shape and then export to Hexagon, create a custom morph & etc and bring it back to Daz - the users purchasing/downloading would have to have the Daz morph products as well. I would love to know how to properly save my morph & package it so I'm not accidentally giving away the actual Daz morphs I purchased.

I'm also curious about how and if it's the same for Gen 4 characters or non Daz characters.

Now if I do make custom morphs for Gen 4 characters I would love for it to be useable in either DS3 or DS4.

Now to props. I"ve been making my own props. I know the proper folder structure so that if someone downloads it they can unzip it into their DS3 or DS4 runtime. However concerning morphs for props I have made or purchased I'm clueless on that. As with the 'characters' I don't want to accidentally save something that would allow someone to actually obtain a prop/product with out buying it. Example only - I buy a land prop from here or Renderosity. I obtain the seller's permission to make a morph for it to redistribute by selling my 'add-on'. I don't want something saved in my files that would let person x who hasn't bought that land prop to be able to load it up on their system.

OKay now here is another thing. I don't have any version of Poser so whatever I make would strictly be for DS. Even though I don't have poser, I use poser runtime structure. Do people buy just for DAZ with things stacked in Poser runtime structure. Or buy just for Daz with items that have both Daz Mats and Pz2s or just PZ2s? (don't worry I don't need instructions on how to save textures.) I'm just curious what people would expect with morphs. I figure people wouldn't just buy morphs but would want a new texture with it.

ps. I'm not a newbie I promise. In the old forums I have around 200 forum posts. I've just been away for a while due to a death in the family and health issues.


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    For the morphs, you need to make sure you are using reverse deformations when you bring your morph back into DS, so that it includes only the changes you made to the shape and not the original morph. If you are, then dialing you morph up in isolation should not give you the complete shape - I think you need to turn on the advanced options for the Hexagon Bridge in DS, in Edit>Preferences>Interface, to get the reverse deformations option. Then you save the morph with File>Save as>Support Assets>DSF Morph, setting the names and selecting the morph(s) to export, for Genesis, and the files will be in \Data\DAZ3 3d\Genesis\Base\Morphs\YourName\YourProduct. For older figures you can use the ExP Exporter, for Generation 4 figures, though that's a fiddlier process.

    I'm not sure there is an easy way of doing what you want for props - it could be done if there were blank channels for add-on morphs, but few products have those, or you could write a couple of scripts (one in DAZ Script for DS, one in Python for Poser) that would add new channels for the morph, but that requires learning new tools and techniques (it's fairly simple to do, however).

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    Thank you to both of you. What both of you have said has been very helpful.

    Okay let's say I have my Gensis female morph saved. From there I'm hoping this is the proper folder structure. After several bad links, old links, and such I found one link that had this info that was fairly current.

    My Library -

    data (which has)
    DAZ 3D - Genesis - Base - Morphs - Author - Product Folder.

    Genesis - Characters - Product Folder with morph inj/remove & mats

    Textures - Author - Product Textures

    I'm fairly certain I saved my morph properly. Now I want to move onto the 'people' folder and make sure I can put or save it properly so that it's seen as a character in the content tab.

    This is just an example of what I'm assuming.
    Step 1 I dialed up the basic femaile body shape.
    Step 2 export to hexagon & tweek
    Step 3 send back to daz and save just my morph. It will go into the 'data' folder structure.
    Step 4 While Genesis is in her basic female shape with my morph added is this where I save it as a character file? If so does the person who downloads will they be able to just click on the little icon under the my character product folder and the basic fem shape & morph appear on their genesis?

    Texture folder is not a problem.

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    Yes, a character preset will apply the morph - if you wish that that's a way to do it (the other is a pose preset with just morphs selected). However, the morph will be available on Genesis without needing a preset of any kind.

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    is there a video tutorial specially done about this subject for DS DS4 or soon 5?

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