genesis evolution body/head morphs

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Hello, I recently just purchased the genesis evolution head and body morphs...and being so
new...I am not sure where to locate them in the program and/or files...
Thank you for your help out there! :)


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    Once installed (just point the installer to My Library, or whatever you use as your content directory, as usual) the morphs will load with Genesis, either fresh from the library or in a scene saved as .duf. To get the morphs added to a Genesis from an old .daz sceen file apply a character preset, any Genesis preset, to that Genesis and then undo the application.

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    They are Shaping Morphs, they Auto load into your Base and other Genesis shapes. Open the Shaping Tab or the Parameters Tab with the Genesis or a part of it selected in your Scene Tab. You will get a List of morphs in Shaping or Parameters to dial the morphs to the shapes you want.

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    OH wonderful! thank you for your help...I guess I was using them without even knowing! LOL :-)

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