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I am beta testing something I cannot discus yet
the SAME THING happens using Daz studio and morphloader
my carrara native content trees can manually be exported one at a time wind and rustle enabled along the timeline with full mesh enabled as a number of obj's.
(not using Fenric's plugin unfortunately)
the resulting obj meshes can be loaded as morph targets on the original and animated using puppeteer in Daz studio to get a rustling tree.

Howie Farkes trees get a veritice order missmatch error
a tree is a tree
just windy and rustled the same
how do the verts change along the timeline with his trees?

btw ocean primitive works this way too, I assigned visemes to the morphs in the unnamed app I am testing and got matching wave motion with speech!!


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    This is amazing! Too bad you cannot discuss this! ;)
    You go, Girl! %-P

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