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Okay--so I have an old clothing model consisting of a CR2 and OBJ file.
When I import it into DAZ, it loads, but WITH NO SURFACES.

What causes this and how do I correct it?


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    What do you mean by no surfaces - there's geometry showing, but nothing in the Surfaces pane, or is there simply nothing at all to be seen? Which version of DS is this (Help>About DAZ Studio) and what clothing?

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    The DAZ version is 4.0
    The clothing is Tentman's free Sailor uniform For V4. (

    There is nothing in the Surfaces window, and the model does not show up in the display, though you DO see the 'limit' borders/lines and the bones (if made visible), and the model is listed in the Scene window.

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    It loads and renders OK for me.
    I did have to tell DS where the object files were since I put everything in the same directory.

    Did you relocate the OBJ files or tell DS where to find them?

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 50,008
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    I suspect you are using a very old version of DS4.0 (as I said, you can get the exact version from Help>About DAZ Studio, in the top-left corner) as the groups in the OBJ file are set up in a way that caused problems for early versions of DS4. Updating to a newer version should fix the issue.

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