DAZ 4.5 - Shell and Origin Questions

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I have played a bit with 4.5 (only a bit because I am waiting for updates to my plug-ins), and there are two functional items I would kill for but cannot seem to find. I am hoping if they exist that some knowledgeable person can point me to them.

1) Is there the ability to move the origin of an object?

2) The Shells created in 4.5 seem to have the same mapping as the model they are based on. In othe words, a Genesis model using M4 mapping will create a shell with M4 mapping. Is it possible to have the base model mapped one way, such as M5, and the shell another, such as M4?

Many thanks to those with answers. I hope you all have a fine day. :)

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    Make a feature request, or comment on an existing request, in the bug tracker. I know the option to use a different uv set on the shell has been asked for, not sure if there's currently a request for moving the origin of props - though you can do it with the Joint Editor I think (haven't tried recently).

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    As the shell is projected from the figure's geometry rather than being an independent figure, I'm not sure it could have separate UVs.

    However, there is an alternative to get the effect.

    Load two Genesis figures, one to be the main figure, the other to be the 'shell'. Select the one that's going to be the shell and go to Edit>Figure>Geometry and click on Apply Push Modifier. You will now find that that Genesis now has a new parameter, the same as for the shell when using the Geometry Shell, that sells out the surface of that Genesis by the distance in cm you specify in the parameter.

    You can then use the other Genesis as the main figure, and the Genesis you applied the Push Modifier to as a 'shell' for the first Genesis. Because it's a full Genesis, you can change its UVs separately, so e.g. have the main Genesis as M5UVs but the one with the Push modifier with M4UVs that you then out round the other one (e.g. to use Jepe's M4 Hairy sets on the 'Pushed' M4UV Genesis round an M5UV Genesis).

    As you are using a full second Genesis, it uses more resources than just a Genesis with a Geometry shell. But it does let you use the different UVs, and still uses mmuch fewer resources than using a couple of M4s.

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