Greeble City Blocks 2

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Hi, just bought the lovely set:

In the promo art there is a bridge. Does anyone know what set this is from? There are people walking across it in the screenie. Looks very cool, but it isn't in the 'whats included' that I can see...


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    That bridge is not available. It was modeled separately by Stonemason based on the geometries for the greeble set for the promo render (he confirmed that in a post in the old forum if I recall correctly). Most of the geometry seems to be part of Greeble block 36. You could extract it from that with a modelling program. For bridges in this kind of setting I usually use the GIS Skyway products ( and the expansion). They work very well.

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    My recollection is the same as thd777

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    Thanks. I love the greeble blocks. I did try the gis skyway- it just that it doesn't match the texture of the other products, and was hoping I was just missing something with greeble =-)

    Thanks again!

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    Matching Textures? Well you could dig out the Greebie texture maps and mess with them lining them up with the GIS textures or if it is a matter of matching the colour then playing with the diffuse colour for the GIS surfaces and see if you can get the colour close may be the easiest.

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    It is actually just the road portion of block 29 and 30. SM spoke about it in his commercial thread. Changing some mat zones to transparent will get it closer but you need to manually edit with the block the group editor in Poser.

    Not sure about how to do it in Studio.

    EDIT> Basically just like thd777 said (just saw it lol). Could be the road from block 36. But the idea is the same. You will have to edit it to get the bridge.

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    Here is how to make new mat zones in Daz Studio

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