Question about DAZ Horse 2

Knight22179Knight22179 Posts: 1,194
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The product does not say if it comes with Poses. I don't want any of the add ons, just the DAZ Horse 2.

So, the product by itself, does it come with poses?


  • Herald of FireHerald of Fire Posts: 3,479
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    I believe the basic Horse 2 doesn't include any poses. The starter bundle certainly does, though it naturally costs a bit extra.

  • patience55patience55 Posts: 6,986
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    Looking at the promo pictures I would think it should have at least 10. But then the promos aren't showing all the morphs it claims to have either. So good question.

  • carrie58carrie58 Posts: 1,944
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    You can use the Milhorse poses ,with some of them you may find the hooves doing the stretchy thing that Genesis's toes do with some Gen4 poses but it's fairly easy to fix.

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    I bought just the base horse2 and it came with 10 poses.

  • Knight22179Knight22179 Posts: 1,194
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    Thanks FiveCat! :)

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