Compatibility between previous DAZ versions and Daz 4.5

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Good morning and Merry Christmas to all!

I'm a new user of DAZ and of 3D;
I have installed the latest 4.5 version on my computer under Win 7 64 bits Pro.

I intend to use DAZ to develop a character which I want to use in a video of a recent
travel I made to the archaeological site of Pompei and Herculanum in Italy.

I based the editing of my trip video on a novel of a French writer of the late XIXth century
imagining that a tourist on the site has an hallucination and suddenly finds himself on the day
of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and meets Romans from the town. One of the Romans will
serve him as a guide through the ruins with glimpses of how they looked like before the city
was destroyed. I need to create the Roman guide and the camera is the eye of the visitor.

Considering this I intend to buy some characters and wardrobes of Romans on the catalogue of

My question is
when in the additional infos of a product it is written "Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser" does that mean that
the addon can be used as is in ANY version of DAZ or not?
For instance can I combine

these people or

with those hair

and with these wardrobe

Thanks in advance for your help and other suggestions which are more than welcome.


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    It is not a question of compatible software, but of understanding the figures.

    DAZ 3D FIgures have gone through various generations.

    Generation 3 figures wear Generation 3 clothing

    Generation 4 figures wear generation 4 clothing.

    and so on.

    With Genesis you have more chance of compatability, as Genesis can wear older clothing figures by using Autofit, but it is not always a 100% fix.

    Generation 5 characters are morph sets for Genesis.

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    Okay, looking at your selections you wish to use. The Hiro one requires a FULL M4 (Generation 4) figure with extra files to work.
    The Second one is a Genesis Figure and will work in DS4.5 without any extra Files needed. The Gen 5 or M5 is what I would get.

    The Hair item is a Generation 3 item and will not work right out of the BOX on either of the Figures. I would Shop for a Genesis Hair that you like and use it. Those work on all Genesis figures and Gen 5 (genesis is generation 5) so will work on M5.

    The Clothing will work only EASY on a Genesis or Gen 5 figure.

    So I say get M5, the Genesis Robe, and then hunt for a Genesis Hair to use. As/Untill you gain experaince and learn the Differances of the different Generations I would stay Genesis and Gen 5 untill you learn more about how they all can be used.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks for such a quick answer; Yes it helps and I begin to understand the logic of it all.
    I'll see how I found the perfect hair and I'll check for the skeleton, It seems that there is nothing for DAZ 4.5 or Genesis from what I've screen. My intention is having the skeleton first seen in the ruins and changing progressively into the live vision of the human being! Perhaps you may have an idea for this.

    Thanks again for your help

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    Now that sounds very much as though you would need to use gen 4 stuff. As there is a gen 4 skeleton, which fits perfectly inside the gen 4 figure. You can get a V4 or a M4 version.

    You then need to find a gen 4 clothing and hair to suit your period.

    Gen 4 figures will work in DS4.5

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    Thanks, I was not sure this would work too; but if I understood well the genesis 4 sery is not compatible with the 5 so I could not use the wardrobe in the latter which is perfectly fitting from a historical point of view...?

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    Yes, that is true, if you want to use the gen 5 outfit, that can only be used with a genesis based figure. There is not as yet a genesis skeleton.

    I can't think of any way you are going to get the full way to your visualised scenario, to be honest..

    Some did find that actually the M3 skeleton worked better with genesis than the m4 one, but it is not a perfect solution, and may not be easy for a new user.

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    Yea that's my problem and I have a long way to go to be able to modeling myself the character!!! IT will be quite enough to fully master DAZ 4.5 .
    I'll have to let go the skeleton transformation.

    There is another question I wanted to ask you. I have no longer the vision of my youth (lol!) so the size of the characters for the different menus and messages in the software is really quite small. Is there a way to get them bigger?

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    I don't think so, but someone else will have to answer that one, as I actually don't use DS myself. :red:

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    ok; thanks anyhow for all the good advice. I'll leave now a bit late in Paris now! Bye!

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    jvdesuit1 said:
    There is another question I wanted to ask you. I have no longer the vision of my youth (lol!) so the size of the characters for the different menus and messages in the software is really quite small. Is there a way to get them bigger?

    As someone who has some eye problems, I would love to make the text within the DAZ Studio UI a bit larger, but from what I've tried since first playing in DS 2, the answer is no. There really isn't any formatting of the toolbars, menus etc. as far as text size. I, too, wish there were.
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