Oh no .. not the Gumdrops ...

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A new collaboration with Trumarcar, which was once again a honour and a big pleasure for me. You'll see the result is on the baking tray.

I come up with the idea and made the textures, Trumacar makes the drops, brows (Poser only) and the rigging. With other words ... she did all the work. I can't thank her enough for taking the time to create this.

I remain a big fan of the Shrek movies, possibly the first image has therefore a certain resemblance to a scene from the first part.

The second image is called "Gingy & Rat". Little word game for Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, whom I adore both very.

The Gingerbread Gummy is our little Christmas gift for you and we hope you'll like it.

The download for the Gingerbread Gummy will be published later on TreasureChest.

I know from some vendors, that these characters will always be a by-product, because the designer unfortunately could not exist in the long run from the sellings. For that reason, I want to thank personally Trumarcar, Toyaris, Tiggersprings, Pokeydots, An-Didda, Leilane, 3DTubeMagic, EvilInnocence, 3DTeknology, Lady Littlefox and Redspark (just to name a few) for their lovely support of the Toon Characters.

We wish you all a merry christmas and a healthy happy new year.

Spanky & Trumarcar

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    The link is to Treasurechest http://trumarcar.francemi.net/gumdrop_tc.htm

    Look on the Gumdrops page.

    Spanky you are far too kind to me - this was all your idea. All I did was add the buttons and brows! Thank you very much! :)
    I love the pictures!!

    The brows are only useable in Poser, but as you can see, Spanky made textures which include brows for DS.

    Happy Holidays to everyone.

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    -All right then. Who's hiding them?

    -Okay, I'll tell you. Do you know the muffin man?

    -The muffin man?

    -The muffin man.

    -Yes, I know the muffin man, who lives on Drury Lane?

    -Well, she's married to the muffin man.

    -The muffin man?

    -The muffin man!

    -She's married to the muffin man.

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    Yummy! Thanks very much and Happy Holidays!

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    That is SOOO adorable - thanks to both of you!!!

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    awwww!!!! fantastic!!!!!
    thanks you both so much!

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    Thank you both for this yummy gift :-)

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    Thank you Trudy and Spanky! Delicious. I only play with them, right? If I bite off an arm I have to glue it back on, right? Right?!?!?!?

    Merry Christmas!!

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    You are all welcome! :-)

    (No nibbles please, Spit! :ohh:)

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    Thanks a lot for your freebies and Merry Christmas to you all! :)

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