I need a shark for Bryce.

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I just need something basic. Just a plain old shark. Anybody have anything?


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    Moved to Bryce Discussions as it's a request for, not an offer of, a freebie.

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    Adam, from MostdigitalCreations recently posted a Great White. It is in obj format, so you should be able to 'bridge' it over from DS or directly import the obj into Bryce...


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    Thanks folks.

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    Just about any 3d object will do in Bryce. sharecg.com has quite a few. My personal favorite is Toon Shark from Daz3d. It be made to look both silly and reasonably real...

    In the submarine image you see several critters all of which came from sharecg, including a couple of sharks (look in the ruins).
    And in the toon sharking being invited to dinner....

    1280 x 1024 - 125K
    1920 x 1200 - 172K
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