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Whats with DAZ coyness about genitals - I appreciat they may withhold images for obvious reasons, but why can't they state in the description that genitals are included.

Next question is where do I get 'em


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    If you're talking about textures, you have to read the descriptions very carefully to see if genital maps are listed in "What's Included". But the figures themselves, aka the Toast and Toaster, are only included in the Pro Packs of M5, V5 and Stephanie 5. Expensive just for bits but Daz won't sell 'em any other way even though people have asked. M4 and V4 genitals, if you want those, come in the Morphs + packs for each figure. You can parent M4's Toast to your Genesis guys, however I think that leaves V5 pretty much Toasterless if there aren't any freebie morphs around for her.

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    Dunno about free, but Adam Thwaites' Anatomically Correct female sets are relatively inexpensive and available at his site (Most Digital Creations). The oldest one has morphs that transfer well with GenX. Some newer ones are MLIE based texture bits to add to existing textures.

    There is a set of male gens for Genesis at Renderosity's companion site, but they are not very good.

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    There is also a site from one of the forum members here, called maleposerotica and he has lots of freebies for the male nude.
    I am not putting down a link because the site is fairly graphic and I am not sure if i can link to that, so you're on your own with Google :)

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    DAZ figures are the 3D version of Barbie & Ken, they are designed for you to "play dress up" and to then pose & render them, genitals aren't required for that (DAZ thinking, which is different to the thinking of most of the pervs in this community ;-P )

    The males do have genitals, but they are usually not included with the base figure, until Genesis DAZ had never done female genitals.

    As far as Genesis is concerned you need to buy the V5 pro bundle or the S5 pro bundle to get the female genitals, and the M5 pro bundle or the H5 pro bundle to the male genitals, which makes them bloody expensive.

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    Nothing to do with perving, I use the figures for life drawing excercises - well thats my story and I'm sticking to it :)

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    For females, the morph resource kit includes a simple 'genital crease'. It's not overly detailed, but if you're just after the body shape it's sufficient.

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    Tarak said:
    Nothing to do with perving, I use the figures for life drawing excercises - well thats my story and I'm sticking to it :)

    I had an art teacher tell me that "It's for an art project." would shut up most sales people when you were buying something that they considered strange.

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    Bejaymac said:
    until Genesis DAZ had never done female genitals.

    Well, yes and no -- depends on how you regard the various "genital cleft" morphs available with V4's Morphs++ and Stephanie 4 add-ons.

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