Christmas lights?

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Am looking for Christmas lights for Daz Studio 3 but can only seem to find backgrounds. Is there no lights avaliable? anyone know where to get some? was looking for something like in the link:


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    The 2011 tree: had a string of easy-pose lights but they don't really have the detail you describe. Are you looking for real close-ups?

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    There is one pack that came with a strand of lights. I'm trying to find it.

    Edit: Cross posted. Yep that was the one I was thinking of.

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  • ToobisToobis Posts: 547
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    yes that seems good but do the lights actually "switch on" ?

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    I'm not sure but you could probably turn up their ambient settings because I know the strand I have looks "lit". Also, Obsidian Dawn ( has some Christmas light pngs that have the glow on them but you have to add them in post I guess. I used them last year but all that detail has fallen out of my brain. I'll see if I can find the set and try the lights before someone else responds - lol.

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    Just released today:

    Lyrra has a christmas props set. I don't know how posable they are, since the promos only show them spiraled around a tree or laid out in a curved line, but there are three different styles.

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